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Yandra Banks Brown

Yandra Banks Brown

Group: Scotland & North East
Office: Scotland Office

I spent most of my teenage and adult life working in the hospitality industry. I did this part-time whilst in school and university, and in different countries whilst travelling. I knew I loved the industry, but needed a change from standing behind a coffee machine all day.

 I moved from the Highlands of Scotland down to Edinburgh to complete my BA (Hons) in Law. I realised that a career in Law wasn't for me, so I purchased a one-way ticket to New Zealand and spent 3 years over there - living, working and travelling. I moved back to Scotland last year and, when the opportunity arose to join the Off to Work team, I knew it was the perfect fit for me, allowing me to put my years of hospitality experience to good use.

Fun fact: I was born in India and lived there for 4 years. My name comes from the Indian mandala called 'Yantra'.

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