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Robert Persson

Robert Persson

Group: Senior Board
Office: London Office
Job title: Managing Director - London & South East

"The biggest challenge with providing exceptional staff to the very highest end of the events/hospitality industry is finding the right mix of people. Sourcing a group of models for a one-off product launch, when appearance is everything, is not particularly difficult and it something we can do quite easily. The challenge in staffing is having a superbly presentable team, all arriving on time and happily working throughout the day/night with a smile on their face and great, positive and flexible attitude in their back-pack."

"I feel that we have successfully managed to put this mix together and that this is where we stand out from our competition. I take it as my never-ending role within Off to Work to make sure we keep on getting the right people with the right attitude and aptitude on our books. Luckily for us our hard work when building this team has paid off and new Off to Workers quickly pick up on our team culture and attitude towards work in hospitality."

At 12 years old, I sold my first hotdog at my local racecourse in Sweden and I have never really looked back. I spent every summer working in hospitality, either in trendy bars or in top class restaurants. After graduating from Mid Sweden University with a degree in Communications and PR, specialising in events management, I worked in marketing and external communications in Sweden and in London.

Prior to joining Off to Work I worked as an Events Manager for Inn or Out Ltd. looking after blue chip corporate directors, Royals, Presidents and A-class celebrities. I have planned, organised and seen through a vast number of top end events ranging from concerts in Hyde Park and Gala Casino Launches in Sweden to Corporate Dinners at the Natural History Museum.

I am always happy to provide advice if you need help with organising an event and I often work as an events manager on the day for many of our clients. The more I can help our clients the more successful they will be which in turn benefits what we do. We’d be stupid to say that we only provide the staff when we have so much experience in house to provide further events support. To work in a partnership is key to successful events management.

I joined Off to Work in October 2003 as the General Manager with the intention of adding an extra dimension of Catering and Events Management experience to the already dynamic team. I firmly believe in creating win-win zones between all parts in every business situation, and I am extremely service minded and will always go out of my way to provide you with the support you need and beyond. I was promoted to Director of Operations in May 2007.

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