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Mauro Care

Mauro Care

Group: Front of House Services - London
Office: London Office
Job title: Operations Manager - Events

My career in hospitality began during summer break, in Italy, as I needed to sustain my studies at university. After finishing my studies, I had the chance to work as a receptionist in a 5 stars hotel for 8 months, and then I decided to move to London.

In London, I focused on restaurants, where I found a fertile terrain for growing my skills and passion for food and hospitality. Working in restaurants such as Granger & Co and Pantechnicon, I had the chance to build a strong foundation of experience, where the main objective was to deliver high quality, fresh food with outstanding service.

Lately, I have joined the vast and diverse world of events, working as regional ops manager with two hotel properties.

My biggest passions are: cycling, running and travelling and my ultimate goal is to run all 6 majors marathon.

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