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Guy Dorey

Guy Dorey

Group: Q Division
Office: Edinburgh Office
Job title: Head of I.T. - Junior Board

I have worked with Off to Work since 2005 in a wide range of roles, starting with the casual team in Birmingham as one of the very first group of staff ever recruited there. After two years in the field, I was offered the role of Operations Executive where I worked in close collaboration with Katie Pearce (General Manager) to establish the Birmingham office on a permanent basis.

Over the following two years I covered all areas of the business from recruitment to training to operations, in the process becoming a qualified trainer with the Chartered Institure of Environmental Health, receiving merit marks in my exams. Having played a key role in the establishment of the Birmingham branch, I left Off to Work in 2010 and moved to Glasgow in 2011.

After continuing to work in hospitality and events in Scotland, I decided that the industry there would benefit from a staffing supplier who could offer the highest levels of service and staff quality - and I knew exactly where to turn! I began as General Manager for Off to Work Scotland in 2012.

After three successful years, Off to Work was firmly established in both Edinburgh and Glasgow and was working at major events across the country, such as the Scottish Open, Open Championship and 2014 Commonwealth Games.

In my current role, I maintain all areas of company technology, including our network, cloud infrastructure and telephony. I also create policy, plans technology strategy and ensure that the company is utilising its technological assets as effectively as possible both now and in the future.

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