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Elena Popa

Elena Popa

Group: Casual Recruitment
Office: Birmingham Office
Job title: Recruitment Coordinator

I started working in the hospitality industry when I moved to the UK in October 2016. I joined OtW as a casual team member to earn some money during my university years. A few of the places that I worked at included: Harry Potter Studios, the set of The Eternals Marvel movie and as a bar supervisor for F1. 

After a while as a casual team member, I applied for the role of a casual recruitment assistant. In this position I was trained in compliance, recruitment, and operations, in conducting assessment days and upskilling sessions, and after becoming a permanent recruiter I started also researching job fairs and getting into contact with different organisations to source candidates and advertise job roles. I am now a Recruitment Coordinator in the Birmingham Office. 

I love helping people get a suitable job for their skill set and positively impacting their lives, as well as working in a team of like-minded people. It constantly gives me the opportunity to learn and grow, as it is a fast paced and ever-changing position. A big highlight for me is being able to use my creative and critically thinking mind to solve problems and find solutions to different scenarios. 

Before starting with Off to Work, I was extremely shy, but now, I can comfortably present in front of 30-40 people, so Off to Work has improved my confidence massively, and helped me become a well-rounded professional.  

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