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Alexandra Martins

Alexandra Martins

Group: Front of House Services - London
Office: London Office
Job title: Operations Manager - Contracts

After having grown up in Central Africa, I graduated in 2010 in Portugal with a degree in Tourism Hospitality Management. My passion for hospitality began when I got my first job at 16 years old.

Ever since that first job, hospitality has been all that I know. I have done a little bit of everything over the years, from fast food chains to restaurants, 4- and 5-stars hotels as well as many different events. In 2019, I was tasked with organising the NATO Conference, which is the biggest feather in my cap so far. At this event, I was afforded the opportunity to meet many amazing leaders of different nations.

I joined Off to Work as an assistant operations manager for the London office and it has been a pleasure to be part of such a great team. I love that we can work with some of the most prestigious venues in London and are granted the opportunity to meet so many different people, clients, and team members alike.

When not in the office, I like to spend my time going on long fishing expeditions, as I spend more than enough time indoors during the week. 

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