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Alan Manni

Alan Manni

Group: Back of House Services - London
Office: London Office
Job title: Senior Operations and Talent Manager – Culinary

I moved to London from Italy in 2014, which now feels so long ago, to pursue my passion for food and cooking.
I began my career as a chef in central London, climbing up the ladder by working in many places and discovering different cultures, cooking techniques and most importantly meeting inspiring people.

Spending the last 10 years working with and heading up different kitchens motivated me take on a new challenge and study Enterprise Management at Middlesex University. Shortly after graduating, I started my journey in hospitality recruitment and operations at Off to Work, where I combined my education, passion for food and previous experience as a chef. 
I now work with around 200 hospitality professionals. The main goal is to train, teach and mentor new generations so that they can foster a healthy and highly efficient work ethic in the hospitality industry.
One of the greatest challenges of my career, both operationally and creatively, has been to balance my own vision and passion with clients’ expectations. This process is very complex, yet incredibly rewarding.
Working with Off to Work has been a journey that has brought both opportunities for learning as well as challenges. There is never a dull moment at the office and getting to know the team members and clients has shown me that whatever the obstacles are, our beloved industry needs resilience and willingness to change.

Empathy, nurturing, and training are the key factors for quality delivery of our services. I am delighted to be part of such a great team and look forward to positioning ourselves as the leading UK/worldwide staffing and services agency.

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