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Matt Tarling

Matt Tarling

Group: Home Counties
Office: Home Counties Office
Job title: Regional Operations and Recruitment Coordinator

Hi, I’m Matt. I’m part of the Home Counties team and I’m originally from South Africa.

I spent my young adulthood involved in the hospitality industry in many capacities, though I enjoyed waitering the most (The tips were bigger, if you were good at your job, and I was good, because I enjoyed the work).

I then studied to become a teacher and taught English and many other things to high schoolers for 10 years. As relaxing and carefree as one might imagine this was, I felt like I wanted something else. I had done this long enough… I decided to change industries and try something new, but I wanted something where I could still use the skills on which I had spent two decades working.

Enter Off to Work.

After having started casually and temporarily with Off to Work, with the aim of finding a new industry to enter, I realised how much I was enjoying what I was doing. This was what I was looking for! From there, I worked my way up into a permanent role in the Home Counties region, and I have been loving life ever since.

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